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Music Mixing
From A Mastering Perspective

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Music Mixing is not my specialty!


I do know what makes up a good mix.

I have to!

I need to know whether a mix is ready for mastering - or re-evaluation!

As you may have guessed, Mastering is MY specialty!

I simply have a flair for working with 2-track files.

Problem Solving

Some of the time I’m called on to be a problem solver.

I can accept that.

I’m more than willing to go the extra mile to save a client the expense of a remix. Indeed, there are times where I certainly can manipulate a 2-track file as though it were a mix.

But this is a problem that comes up frequently. Many potential clients view mastering as a continuation of the mixing process.

But it should be understood:

Mastering is not about fixing mixes!

While mixing and mastering both concern themselves with similar elements - namely volume levels, stereo placement, and front to back distance....

There Is A Difference Between Mixing and Mastering.

It's this:

* Mixing Balances Instruments *

* Mastering Balances Frequencies *

It's All About A Pleasing Balance

Some other mixing problems concern these issues:

A Few Solutions:

One of the basics is to always record and render in high bit rates - 24 bits or 32 bits. That way you can still retain details should you want to have the levels of your mix raised.

Higher sampling rates is another solution frequently suggested.

My advice: if you’re going to CD which has a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, choose your higher sampling rate at multiples of 44.1 khz. In other word 88.2, 176.4,...

The math to convert down to the CD rate is much more simpler and uncomplicated, trust me.

My best tip if you’re attempting to do everything yourself is this:

  • Work your mix until it's exactly the way you like it.

By doing this our mastering duties are minimized considerably!

Speaking Of DIY

I know how tempting it is these days with all the available software to try to want to do everything yourself and save yourself a lot of money.

But music mixing can take a lot more of your time than you might like!

Go With Your Strengths

I’ve always been an advocate of going with one’s strengths.

For instance:

If your forte is really performing music, then send your music mixing chores to someone like Ashton Price of Morph Productions. Ashton is a very talented producer I’ve had the great pleasure to work with many times over the years.


My tips wouldn’t mean much if I didn’t follow my own advice!

So remember:

My strengths are Mastering. This is what I do best.

My goals are the same as yours and the advice I’ve been giving:

It's all about a pleasing balance.

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