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Music Editing Software:
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Music editing software is a key part of the mastering process.

In truth editing is at the core tool of every audio production process. But as a mastering engineer, I do my share of work. Whether it’s audio books, trimming the starts and ends in song, or editing a complex classical performance, among other things...

Editing ranges from the merely technical (adding CD Text; tagging mp3’s etc.) to the very creative (editing takes together from different performances, creating new versions of songs, etc.)

For those whose memories go back to the analog tape days, editing software offers 100-fold increase in the possibilities. It goes so far beyond just pasting different takes of audio together. The tools today can twist sounds far from their original intentions.

The Ultimate Goal with Music Editing Software... to give listeners a sense of flow, a sense of logic. All of it done without them ever being aware of it. And all for the sake of repeat listenability. The music world is fiercely competitive. Keeping your listeners engaged is key.

I’m sure you may be getting worried what all this manipulation could mean with your creations.

Stay cool!

The Best Editing is the Most Transparent

I’ll give you a working example: CD editing. It's a backhanded compliment when the client says nothing about the breaks and fades between songs. This is because it means I've done the job correctly!!! The album flows smoothly from song to song. Many people are simply not aware of the difference milliseconds can make to the final results.

Also: only you - the client - is in charge of what gets edited. The more creative the editing gets, the more the ideas come from you. As your mastering engineer, I can bring suggestions to the table and my reasons for it. In the end think of me as your facilitator. I collaborate with you to do the work you want to get the results you want.

One of the most fun parts of my job is editing. When a client has an idea for an edit but wonders if it’s even possible, I love the smiles and ‘wows’ when I get the job done.

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The Most Important Point About Editing

Keeping your listener engaged is key.

Editing - through music editing software - is just one of the tools of mastering that gives you that key.

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