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Providing affordable professional audio mastering services Toronto and Online are just part of the many post production arts we offer here at Mister's Mastering House.

Below are our rates current as of January 2017. You'll also find delivery methods, extras, discounts and payment options. Note that all prices are listed in U.S. dollars. Taxes not included unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Basic Audio Mastering Services & Rates:


  • $75 / song  (File is a stereo mix 7 min. or less)

Stems Mastering:

  • $75 / stem  (Files are 7 min. or less each)

Audio Editing:

  • $75 / Hour

Audio Restoration:

  • $75 / Hour

Get more info about Audio Editing here, and more info about Audio Restoration here.

What You Get:

All finished and approved masters are digitally delivered in the following four audio file formats:

  • .wav @ 44.1 kHz & 16 bits (CD Quality)

  • 320k .mp3 tagged with client-supplied data
  • Hi-Res .flac @ the original sampling rate & 24 bits, tagged with client-supplied data
  • Mastered-For-iTunes ready (same as Hi-Res but in .wav format)

*Note regarding Mastered-For-iTunes: While I currently do not have my MFiT badge (hence the designation Mastered-For-iTunes READY), the files will conform to the spec set out by iTunes of 1 dB headroom and delivered at the original sampling rate and bit rate.

Additional Services & Rates:

Of course we still create physical (as well as virtual) CD masters:

CD Authoring / DDP Creation:

  • $75 / Hour

We can master a radio-edit and instrumental version of your song BUT .... YOU must supply all the alternate versions. Note also that the options below are available only if we're mastering the original mix (no discount pricing is available for alternate versions):

Radio-Edit Versions:

  • $35 / track

Instrumental Versions:

  • $35 / track

What About Discounts?


ALL songs in the project must be submitted AT ONCE for the discount to be in effect! These apply only to full masters - prices for stems mastering and alternate versions are listed above and are final!

That said, here's our discount layout:

  • Songs 1 - 3 remain at $75 each.
  • Songs 4 - 6 are $70 each.
  • Songs 7 - 10 are $65 each.
  • Songs 11 - 15 are $60 each.
  • Songs 16 - 20 are $55 each.
  • Songs 21 and over are $50 each.

If you want more specifics, just use the contact form here. You'll receive a .pdf file with exact pricing for all projects up to 25 tracks.

Payment Options:

  • PayPal
  • Electronic Bank Transfers
  • Money Orders
  • Cheques accepted

*Payment due on completion of work*

Important Information:

On receipt of payment all your finished masters will remain available for you to download for 30 days. If you need longer contact us and we'll extend the download period another 30 days. Otherwise a fee will be charged to re-upload.

Revisions within the first 15 days of payment:

  • $35 / Hour

Revisions after the first 15 days of payment:

  • $75 / Hour

Replacing scratched or misused discs:

  • $75 / hour - minimum 1 hr.

Replacing defective media:

  • No Charge

Re-uploading mastered files:

  • $75

We always use Taiyo-Yuden media on all our projects for reliable, professional masters!

*All our work is
You must be happy with the results or you don't pay!

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