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Audio Editing Services benefit a wide variety of projects. Everything from music, live concerts, and radio broadcasts, to spoken word projects like audio books, podcasts, and webinars.

Professional Editing will enhance the final quality of your project.


In these before and after samples, you'll notice a hesitancy on the downbeat between 0:13 and 0:14...

The Smoothies - Ecstasy Unedited

Here, in this sample with the aid of two finely placed edits, the rhythm flows solidly and steadily...

The Smoothies - Ecstasy Edited


Properly paced programs make live music recordings flow more naturally.

Polished speech recordings and webinars will:

  • project a professional image
  • engage prospects
  • retain clients.

Combining expertise, experience, professional tools and software to do the job right and get it done efficiently, I'll save you time, money, and help you avoid mistakes when it comes time to deliver a professional product for mediums like radio, CD production or websites.

Music Projects:

Edit according to your instructions including:

  • Rearrange segments
  • Shorten solos
  • Utilize only the best takes/performances
  • Using regeneration when possible to remove errors

Correct timing errors
Remove awkward silences and long pauses
Tailor your audio by properly trimming with fade-ins and fade-outs

Spoken Word:

Remove basic errors:

  • Coughs
  • “Ah’s” and “Um’s”
  • Popping P’s
  • Thumps
  • Remove awkward pauses and long silences

Mild ambience enhancement with professional reverb algorithms.

Larger Projects:

Do you have your own background music you'd like in your production? Mix in your choice of background music you supply for spoken word recordings

Compile and assemble collages from various sources (music, spoken word, sound effects).

More complex procedures can involve timing changes without altering pitch, or altering pitch without changing the timing.

Please note that I will not work on surveillance recordings or 911 tapes.

What You Get:

All finished and approved editing projects are digitally delivered in the following four audio file formats:

  • .wav @ 44.1 kHz & 16 bits (CD Quality)

  • 320k .mp3 tagged with client-supplied data
  • Hi-Res .flac @ the original sampling rate & 24 bits, tagged with client-supplied data
  • Mastered-For-iTunes ready (same as Hi-Res but in .wav format)

All editing projects will maintain a final consistent volume and tone in your entire production.

All files (except .aiff files) get properly tagged with any and all metadata you supply.  This makes it easy to assemble your .wav files for CD assembly. Your 320k MP3 files will be ready for online delivery to any site.


I'll send you preview samples for your critique and feedback. This lets you be sure that everything will turn out just the way you want.

I can also let you know beforehand exactly what can be done and what can't be done. And I'll tell you why!


Audio Editing Rates:

  • $75 / Hr.

Rates are hourly since they're based on the number of edits needed. Some edits, especially certain music edits, might require extra time to make them seamless and transparent.

CD (Audio or Data):
  • $75 / Hr.

Know exactly what you want edited, in precise detail?

Contact me. I have per edit options for you.

Professional Audio Editing Services:

Over 10 years industry experience guarantees expert results.

It’s incredible the difference professional audio editing services can make.......

Make that difference now: Click here and we’ll get started.

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