Mister’s Mastering House:
Are You SURE Your Songs
Sound Their Best?

Listen Up!

It's about first impressions.

Mastering is your final step before sharing your music with the world to make those impressions.

Why Should That Matter To YOU?

This is your last chance to make sure your music sounds the best it can be. You devote a lot of time and energy creating your music. You put your heart and soul into everything to get your mix just right.

But there always comes a point where you’ve heard your song just one too many times. Right? This happens to EVERYONE. Now you’re frustrated and anxious. You’re in the dark to whether you’re improving your track anymore or not. Here’s where I come in.

I’m Karl Machat. I listen to your mixes after you've finished working on them. I've been doing this professionally since 2003.

Karl Machat - Misters Mastering House

Great Sounding Music Is My Passion.

Whether your track needs just a tweak, or something more to shine through, I aim for results.

I‘m on a mission to release an energy and excitement in the songs I work on. And also the artists I work. If a song is gonna catch fire, the people making it have to believe in it 100%. That will only happen when they’re really stoked about the sound of their track -  no other way.

You may think you’ve done everything you can for your project. But here - it’s only the beginning. You have no idea!...

Mastering Can Take Your Music Places You Never Dreamed Possible!


By bringing you all this:

  • fresh ears
  • a new perspective
  • total objectivity
  • freedom from preconceptions
  • absence of drama.

No amount of hardware or software can do that for your music. Ever.

I love music. I love the people who make it. There's always a magic, youthful energy about someone who's made a commitment to sharing their innermost feelings with others through music. It really is the fountain of youth.

On this site you can find insights into how I aim to release that magic and energy into your tracks. You'll get tips you can use to make your mixes ready for this final step. You can hear some of the work I've done for artists.

And if you have ANY questions, I’m just a click away.

Need assurances? Click here to get a free sample.

Ready to Master?

Then let's make your first impressions LAST!